SEBI Circulars

FPIs and Offshore Derivative Instruments

Until now only certain categories of FPIs under the SEBI (FPI) Regulations, 2014, were permitted to subscribe to, or otherwise deal in, offshore derivative instruments if, the counterparty in such transactions was regulated by an appropriate foreign regulatory authority. However, the meaning of the phrase ‘regulated by an appropriate foreign regulatory authority’ was ambiguous. Although…

Monitoring compliance with listing agreement

Listed companies are required to make a number of disclosures under the equity listing agreement pertaining to corporate actions like financial results, corporate governance. SEBI has issued a circular dated 18 November, 2013 on “Compliance with Provision of Equity Listing Agreement by Listed Companies – Monitoring by Stock Exchanges” (“Circular”), as there are concerns that…

Short-circuiting volatility?

To check volatility on the stock market, SEBI has issued a circular revising the market halting circuit breaker limits for stock exchanges, with effect from 1 October 2013. These limits set out the maximum movement permitted in the indices during a trading session. At present, the circuit breakers are calculated on the basis of the…

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