Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Government NBFCs are now eligible participants for repo transactions in corporate debt securities

With the objective of developing the corporate debt market, RBI replaced the existing norms governing forward contracts in corporate debt securities with the new Repo in Corporate Debt Securities (Amendment) Directions, 2015 on February 03, 2015. Under a repo transaction or a ready forward transaction, a holder of securities sells them to an investor with…

Issue Equity Shares to Non-Residents for Legitimate Dues

In another move to facilitate FDI investments, RBI has relaxed the norms for the issuance of equity shares by Indian companies to non-residents against funds payable by the Indian company to such non-residents. Hitherto, Indian companies were permitted to issue shares and convertible debentures to a person resident outside India against lumpsum technical know-how fees,…

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